Social Justice Opportunities was prepared as a joint project of the Australian Pro Bono Centre and the Australian Law Students Association, with the support of our supporters and partners (for more information go here).


The Australian Pro Bono Centre and the Australian Law Students Association have created this guide in response to feedback from law students that they would like more information about opportunities to volunteer and work in positions that involve social justice.

While most students are aware of the opportunities that law firms offer, with many firms having a strong presence at universities and careers fairs, information about social justice opportunities has not always been so visible. Of the 25 law student societies surveyed by ALSA and the Centre at the 2010 ALSA Conference (representing almost all law schools in Australia), 80% wanted the Centre to provide “information resources about social justice careers and opportunities” and to promote volunteering opportunities at Community Legal Centres. The survey also revealed that there was less emphasis on social justice and pro bono and less opportunities available at smaller or more regional universities.

Social Justice Opportunities is the first national social justice careers resource that lets you know about all the opportunities in one easy to access guide, with opportunities both within and outside university, and at every stage from being a first year student, through to PLT and graduate positions.


The Australian Pro Bono Centre is an independent not-for-profit organisation that encourages pro bono legal services throughout the legal sector, supports lawyers and law firms to make it easier for them to provide high quality pro bono legal services, and works with the profession and the community sector to match services with the clients and groups most in need of assistance.

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Australian Law Students’ Association is a national not-for-profit association comprising all Law Student Societies and Law Student Associations, representing approximately 28,000 law students. We act as a national voice for law students’ interests and concerns, we gather and disseminate information of interest and concern, facilitate communication and the exchange of information between law student societies within Australia and abroad, and initiate activities of a social, intellectual, and competitive nature among law students at a national level.

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