You will need to undertake a practical legal training (PLT) course or, in some limited cases, articles of clerkship, to be admitted to practice in Australia. It is up to you to organise your 15 weeks of supervised work experience in an approved work placement, paid or voluntary. For the specific work experience requirements of a particular PLT provider either contact the provider or check their website.

You can undertake a PLT-approved work placement at a community legal centre or other NGO. This can even be overseas if that experience is undertaken in a common law jurisdiction.

You can approach an NGO or community legal centre to see if they will allow you to undertake the work experience component of your PLT there – some community legal centres even have their own programs. It is up to you, however, to check that they can fulfill the requirements. A full list of community legal centres can be found on the directory at the NACLC website or CLC Volunteers.

If you are in Victoria, the Victorian Federations of CLCs offers a graduate program that includes the payment of all PLT fees.

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